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Performance Plus Ammunition

You know it wasn't so long ago (I'm 63) that we bought 44 Mag. revolvers so we could get 1000# of energy in a handgun for hunting. Now I have it in a little lite G-29 10mm and with your fragmenting bullet it's more effective than the old 44 Mag. and here's how I know. On the next road over I took a white tail with your 10mm round. Hit it exactly where I aimed. 2/3's of the way up the leg and a little forward (shoulder). The deer went straight down and nothing moved at all. Like God himself had struck it dead. Never did that with my Model 29 .44 and I tried often. Looks like you guys have done more for the handguns than the handgun companies themselves. Really historical. Contributed by: Robert "Bob" Schoenheit
......I took my old shooting buddy to the gun club. He is a long rifle accuracy / varmit hunter. I set a gallon milk jug at 15 feet from us. It was filled with water and the top was sealed on with duct tape. I shot the milk jug with one of your 9mm rounds from a Berretta. Water showered both of us down good. My buddy said he had seen a centerfire rifle do that, but never a handgun. He was really impressed and immediately bought some for his defensive handgun. Thanks for a real life-saving product. W.M. Matthews, Tennessee
"WOW! My Kimbler ultra elite with it's 3" barrel has the power of a cannon with less felt recoil. I am impressed." D. Payne, Texas