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Here at Discount Gun Supplies we will be teaching a LICENSE TO CARRY COURSES for people that want to protect themselves. All training is done in Iola, Tx. We specialize in private classes for groups of 4 or more people. The target in the center of the page is the size target that you qualify at 3yds, 7yds,and 15yds.Classes can be a one day class, split between 2 week nights, or on a weekend at your facility. Dates are available for your convenience. This is a great way to get your LTC without waiting for a regular class. We will shoot on the third day at your convenience,for the handgun qualification.Class is a 4hr to 6 hr depending on class size.  Class will be over the following topics, Use of Force, Basic Handgun Training, Safe Handling And Storage, Non- Violent Dispute Resolution.  As of September 1, 2016 the new class hours are 4 to 6 long, renewals will be done online and no class room will be required. Cost for the ONE DAY COURSE is $50.00, A Deposit of $25.00 will hold you a spot in the class room.  

For the student that take the online course, I have a range in Iola ,Tx and ready to teach the Range safety and the Handgun Qualification. The fee for this is $40.00 per a student. Students will need 100 rds of ammunition, ear protection, safety glasses, close toe shoes and no loose clothing. We will be on the range for at least 2 hours.

You will be notified of class dates and times and locations. New Class starting soon!

This is the size target that you qualify with at 3yds, 7yds,and 15yds.
This is the size target that you qualify with at 3yds, 7yds,and 15yds.
Gun range training is NOT included in this course; you must be able to complete the gun range qualification with little instruction. If you are not gun range proficient, please take a Basic Handgun Training course which includes gun range instruction and firing practice. You will need to be able to load firearm.
Bring your own ammunition of 50 rounds to qualify,bring quality ammunition no monarch or blazer. You will be shooting at 20 rounds at 3yds,20 rounds at 7yds,10 rounds at 15yds. Your firearm will need to be 22 caliber or greater. You will need to score 175 out of 250 to qualify for the state CHL. Targets to be scored.


Call me if you need help along the way at 281-330-1032 or you can e-mail me at contact@discountgunsupplies.com.

Click on this link Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) web site to complete your affidavits online.

Be sure you understand what is being asked in the application and affidavits as you are swearing to the information when you complete the process.

Complete the forms and pay your state licensing fee. Remember there are several discounts available for veterans and senior citizens, as well as law enforcement.

Download the forms they tell you download. At a minimum, it will include a cover sheet with a big bar code on it, Your Drivers License photo will be used for your CHL. Don't miss this step.

Schedule a fingerprinting appointment on-line and set an appointment with L1 Systems.

Bring all your materials to class. At the successful conclusion of my class, I will give you the CHL-100 form needed for the TXDPS.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know.

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