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Concealed Handgun Class

Dates are available for your convenience. . We will shoot on the range that afternoon for the handgun qualification.Class is a 4hr to 6 hr depending on class size. Class will be over the following topics, Use of Force, Basic Handgun Training, Safe Handling And Storage, Non- Violent Dispute Resolution. The cost is $70.00. A Deposit of $25.00 will hold you a spot in the class room. Class will be held in Iola,Tx Call 281-330-1032


I have found several locations for reloading supplies on the Nortwest side of Houston, TX. 10-Ring is located on Jones Road north of 1960 and Lohman which is located on West Littleyork. All have bullets and some powder coming in at different times. Primers rifle and pistol seem to be in abundence. Hope this helps with the shortage of ammuntion. 

1911 Build

So my 1911 long slide had a crack in the slide, so I replaced it with a Fusion Firearms 6" slide. New Bomar front and rear sights. The barrel hood need to be sanded to fit the new slide, after that the front sight needed to be sanded to fit the cut in the barrel.  The rear sights needed to be sanded to fit, got a tight fit on the front and rear sights. When I purchased the slide with the front and rear sights Fusion tapped the slide for the rear sight adjustment screw. The barrel link was .272 link which was fine , but the barrel lug needed to be trimed toso the slide could come forward enough to lock up the barrel and slide together. Ordered a new firinf pin and firing pin block just to inprove the hole system.  Here is the picture of the finished slide.

Ranch weekend

So this weekend I had my nephew up to the ranch and help him sight in his new scope on his S&W ar. After about 7 shots we were on target dead center. Not bad if I say so myself. No hunting hogs the weather is raining and getting a little warm, I don't know how much more hog hunting we are going to be able to get in.

1911 Build Part 2

So I got the new firing pin stop, and new firing pin from Fusion Frearms. Got them installed and ready to go. I was able to blue the slide and set the sights. Test groups are about 2" at 25yards. Shoots great and fit is nice on the frame. Trigger job is next.